3rd of November 2011- Inside the house, possums and burst water pipes

On this day, as the title of this post suggests, we took photos of:

  1. The stuff inside the house
  2. A possum-eaten chocolate muffin
  3. Night-time repairs to the water pipe out the front

1st of November 2011 – Broken oven?

So we thought the oven was broken and Rob spent the night taking it apart and cleaning it out and what not. Turns out we just didn’t pull the lever out as we tried to light it. IDIOT(s) Stimpy!

And ‘We got Mail’!!!


30th of October 2011 – Goodbye St Kilda.

(And hello snacks on the Monbulk porch)

And yes kind reader, we are very behind with the blogging. It’s been about a month since we moved in now! Crazy.

x  Joh

22 October 2011 – MOVING WEEKEND!!! Saturday

IT”S HERE!!! We’re really leaving St Kilda.

Luke is SO AWESOME. He not only heaved horrible heavy things all day from 9-7pm but also brought Hendricks Gin and helped make delicious pita bread pizzas  with blue cheese, mushrooms and rocket for dinner. Could NOT have done it without him! Thank you thank you thank you Luke of you read this.

No photo of him but Simmo helped Rob unload at the other end. Mammoth effort, as it involved; rain, about 10 stairs and a few tight curves and door ways to get everything inside. Bloody wonderful friend to have on our side.  Simmo, we are available for 18.5 babysitting stints as repayment. Hope your back has recovered…. eeek.

It was a rainy day so a few things got wet. Not too bad though.

Only one thing broke. Sadly it was ‘caught red-handed’ guy made by Emily O’Brien. Now it looks like he got some old school punishment and had his hand chopped off for stealing. Poor lad. Pretty sad about that one but only myself to blame. I should have packed more slowly and carefully instead of winging it on the same day as the truck was there.

Wish we had photos of the truck it was HUGEmungbeanous! We have a lot of stuff. Sorry Rob. And Simmo and Luke….

13th of October 2011

Off goes the roof!

The old bathroom/ laundry toilet area at the back of the house gets the big reveal today.

Danilo, Rob, Ashley And Yoko are on duty. I, Johanna, was there but had the flu so felt like junk.

The old tin roof, which had about 4 layers in some areas and still leaked, was removed. They also took off the asbestos ceiling in the bathroom. That’s why they are spraying it down with water to keep the dust in check.

So now the old tin is gone it will look better though is open to the elements… hmm.

29th of September 2011.

Asbestos Removal Day # One.

Original Laundry and Toilet gets  stripped down.

Well done those men. And women who hosed everything down and dug and cleaned like maniacs. VERY well done.

28th of September 2011- A Luda lunch!!

The 28th of September was one of the more lovely days from the first 2 weeks after settlement. We all had lunch at Luda’s with Rob’s work mates and Luda’s lovely children. This post  doesnt have anything to do as such with the house but it sure put some pep back in our step(s). How good does it look huh!?

Luda is VERY good to us. We are very lucky.


PS I can’t remember what happened on the house in the morning… Maybe was just a Bunnings shop up.

Ah hah! found evidence of the mornings happenings. Rob looked in the roof and found old termite trails about the place. Nice wool huh. Don’t you just want to snuggle up in it in the years of rat poo. Thought so.


27 September 2011 – cleaning up house and garden

The pile of stuff for the skip begins to mount. There were a few things left behind that we liked. But not many. And as the floor and walls were revealed the state of the house was worse than we expected. Timber powdered by termites and rotten bits everywhere. Mostly as a result of dodgy construction in the first place.

Clearing out the growth from all around the house to let the air in to dry it out. Sad to see the hydrangeas go but it had to happen…

Started to find the piles of rubbish buried under carpet and other stuff in the garden. Broken bottles, old medicine, bean bags etc.  Agh the ‘treasures’ to be found.

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Settlement Day – Part 2 – 26 September 2011

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Day 1 continued.

We bought a stihl chain saw and a mulcher and a brush cutter and the gang went to town on it.

Settlement Day Video. The Beginning!

sadly the floorboards are powdered by borers in the most part...

Walk with me from the front door to the back door and see the horror. Well some of it. The termites in the roof joists and the rotton everything else might be hidden from this shot. That’s coming later for you, don’t you worry.

Watch this video to see the starting point (26th of September 2011). And then vote in my fun-tastic poll below.  Yay I learnt poll-making skills.