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1st of November 2011 – Broken oven?

So we thought the oven was broken and Rob spent the night taking it apart and cleaning it out and what not. Turns out we just didn’t pull the lever out as we tried to light it. IDIOT(s) Stimpy!

And ‘We got Mail’!!!



28th of September 2011- A Luda lunch!!

The 28th of September was one of the more lovely days from the first 2 weeks after settlement. We all had lunch at Luda’s with Rob’s work mates and Luda’s lovely children. This post  doesnt have anything to do as such with the house but it sure put some pep back in our step(s). How good does it look huh!?

Luda is VERY good to us. We are very lucky.


PS I can’t remember what happened on the house in the morning… Maybe was just a Bunnings shop up.

Ah hah! found evidence of the mornings happenings. Rob looked in the roof and found old termite trails about the place. Nice wool huh. Don’t you just want to snuggle up in it in the years of rat poo. Thought so.


Settlement Day Video. The Beginning!

sadly the floorboards are powdered by borers in the most part...

Walk with me from the front door to the back door and see the horror. Well some of it. The termites in the roof joists and the rotton everything else might be hidden from this shot. That’s coming later for you, don’t you worry.

Watch this video to see the starting point (26th of September 2011). And then vote in my fun-tastic poll below.  Yay I learnt poll-making skills.



Settlement Day

Video and info and more photos of our first day on the scene  to follow. It’s amazing how much has changed in the first half a day.  Bedtime now.

Oh better put some inside photos up.

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Aquaponics. The end of my vegetarianism?

Wouldn’t a (mostly) self sustaining system that circulated nutrients between fish and vegetables be awesome in our new backyard? The link above is a really fancy version but you can make your own simple(ish) one seemingly quite easily. Anyone ever made one?

Obviously this flight of fancy is going on the ‘not urgent’ list of things to do. In fact I’m starting a new category on this blog called dreams so we remember these things in years to come.

Here’s the sites I’ve been checking out.