Settlement Day Video. The Beginning!

sadly the floorboards are powdered by borers in the most part...

Walk with me from the front door to the back door and see the horror. Well some of it. The termites in the roof joists and the rotton everything else might be hidden from this shot. That’s coming later for you, don’t you worry.

Watch this video to see the starting point (26th of September 2011). And then vote in my fun-tastic poll below.  Yay I learnt poll-making skills.




2 responses to “Settlement Day Video. The Beginning!

  • City Mouse

    Hey Dolls great to see the video as I can see how much your team of doers has done! I like the bird wallpaper focus some gems with those dog posters – maybe she thought you’d like those. Can’t belive they wouldnt be embarassed leaving all that junk for you though! Totally in awe of you two it’s going to be my favourite country escape. x

    • blogumentionary

      Glad you got to see it in the flesh. Unfort I think the wallpaper will have to go. Is nice print though hey. Open invite anytime for you of course.

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