22 October 2011 – MOVING WEEKEND!!! Saturday

IT”S HERE!!! We’re really leaving St Kilda.

Luke is SO AWESOME. He not only heaved horrible heavy things all day from 9-7pm but also brought Hendricks Gin and helped make delicious pita bread pizzas  with blue cheese, mushrooms and rocket for dinner. Could NOT have done it without him! Thank you thank you thank you Luke of you read this.

No photo of him but Simmo helped Rob unload at the other end. Mammoth effort, as it involved; rain, about 10 stairs and a few tight curves and door ways to get everything inside. Bloody wonderful friend to have on our side.  Simmo, we are available for 18.5 babysitting stints as repayment. Hope your back has recovered…. eeek.

It was a rainy day so a few things got wet. Not too bad though.

Only one thing broke. Sadly it was ‘caught red-handed’ guy made by Emily O’Brien. Now it looks like he got some old school punishment and had his hand chopped off for stealing. Poor lad. Pretty sad about that one but only myself to blame. I should have packed more slowly and carefully instead of winging it on the same day as the truck was there.

Wish we had photos of the truck it was HUGEmungbeanous! We have a lot of stuff. Sorry Rob. And Simmo and Luke….


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