Monthly Archives: December 2011

3rd of November 2011- Inside the house, possums and burst water pipes

On this day, as the title of this post suggests, we took photos of:

  1. The stuff inside the house
  2. A possum-eaten chocolate muffin
  3. Night-time repairs to the water pipe out the front

1st of November 2011 – Broken oven?

So we thought the oven was broken and Rob spent the night taking it apart and cleaning it out and what not. Turns out we just didn’t pull the lever out as we tried to light it. IDIOT(s) Stimpy!

And ‘We got Mail’!!!


30th of October 2011 – Goodbye St Kilda.

(And hello snacks on the Monbulk porch)

And yes kind reader, we are very behind with the blogging. It’s been about a month since we moved in now! Crazy.

x  Joh