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13th of October 2011

Off goes the roof!

The old bathroom/ laundry toilet area at the back of the house gets the big reveal today.

Danilo, Rob, Ashley And Yoko are on duty. I, Johanna, was there but had the flu so felt like junk.

The old tin roof, which had about 4 layers in some areas and still leaked, was removed. They also took off the asbestos ceiling in the bathroom. That’s why they are spraying it down with water to keep the dust in check.

So now the old tin is gone it will look better though is open to the elements… hmm.


29th of September 2011.

Asbestos Removal Day # One.

Original Laundry and Toilet getsĀ  stripped down.

Well done those men. And women who hosed everything down and dug and cleaned like maniacs. VERY well done.