27 September 2011 – cleaning up house and garden

The pile of stuff for the skip begins to mount. There were a few things left behind that we liked. But not many. And as the floor and walls were revealed the state of the house was worse than we expected. Timber powdered by termites and rotten bits everywhere. Mostly as a result of dodgy construction in the first place.

Clearing out the growth from all around the house to let the air in to dry it out. Sad to see the hydrangeas go but it had to happen…

Started to find the piles of rubbish buried under carpet and other stuff in the garden. Broken bottles, old medicine, bean bags etc.  Agh the ‘treasures’ to be found.

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3 responses to “27 September 2011 – cleaning up house and garden

  • Peas

    Shitty termites?? I still love the old place – it looks gorgeous in pictures. Probably mainly due to the vast amounts of work you’ve done around the place. Must be exhausted! xo

  • Sarah

    The house is charming, I can see why you like it. You’ve come forward in leaps and bounds! The difference between the photos from the ad and these is great. Is it a shared driveway?

    • blogumentionary

      Oh you! Flattery will get you everywhere! Well mostly into our house in Belgrave… It looks like a shared driveway but that is the neighbours garage and drive at the front there. We don’t have any undercover car area. Can’t wait till you see it.

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