We bought a house!

Now we need help. Lots of help.
We have 7 and a half weeks (till 30th of September) till we can move in.
Rob still hasn’t seen the place. He’s seen the outside from the front, when we went snooping, but that’s it. He has also seen all the worst things because I took a heap of photos when I did the inspection on the 22nd of July. I’m really hoping he doesn’t hate me when he sees the state of affairs… We get to have another inspection 7 days before settlement day so we’ll get more photos then (23-30th of September).

So anyway this blog will be updated with all our photos and what not along the process of doing up the place. At this stage we’ve factored in about $60,000 will be needed for repairs and changes to the place. Let’s see how that pans out. Most importantly a new roof, gutters, storm water system and some plumbing issues (15k?).

Considering that we own NO tools or anything to do this job you can factor in $5k just getting set up to do it. Plus we will be getting married next April so we need to save some money up now for that. Things are going to be TIGHT!

Oh and I still need to get a job.

EXCITING times at Ridgemont High!!

Here’s some photos to get you DIYers salivating. Ha. You can click on the photos for a big version.


One response to “We bought a house!

  • Luna

    At least they have found a practical re-use for plastic bags… big job ahead but tres exciting! I wish I were closer so I could actually do stuff.

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