A street furniture find and new (old) paint

$56 for 10L super enamel Dulux paint via ebay. New would be about $180.

$2.95 for some cupboard door catches for the cupboard Demelza and I spotted on the street on Saturday, and Rob and I lugged home by hand. I gave it a good clean today. Looks pretty much the same though doesn’t it? It’s minty green laminate underneath the VERY thick paint that’s on there. (Sorry about the photo on it’s side thing.)

When I get that paint I’ll give it a spruce up. ‘Super enamel’ should be good for furniture right? Says you can use it on doors, windows and trims etc.  Any advice?


6 responses to “A street furniture find and new (old) paint

  • Kacy

    Joh if it’s laminate underneath I don’t think you can paint with enamel. You have to get tile and laminate paint, made for laminate surfaces. And you will need to clean with a laminate cleaner and then prime with a laminate primer and then apply two coats of the laminate paint. Of course that does depend on how anal you want to be but it’s worth doing it properly for a good finish. We painted our laminate kitchen cupboards and tiles this way. It’s all available from the hardware or paint shops 🙂

    • blogumentionary

      Thanks Kace, Do you think I should use Laminate Paint even if its already painted? You can only see the Laminate on the two little shelves that they haven’t painted. I wasn’t planning on stripping the whole beast back. Too lazy! Ha. Wish you’d done a blog. Then I could copy you. Especially with all Kristy’s advice.

      • Kacy

        Oh cool, I thought you’d already stripped it back! Yeah that is a tedious job, too much sanding. Enamel is great cos you can paint it over enamel or acrylic. You just need to make sure you rough up the surface a bit before hand. Happy restoring xx

  • blogumentionary

    Phew! Cause I don’t think that cupboard would be worth the time spent stripping it all back and then repainting it. I’ll have to get some sandpaper – we really have nothing!- and get cracking. I got a job! not sure when it starts but I have a few things to do before then.

  • Luna

    I think you need to change the handles up once it’s painted. That’s all the expertise I have to offer.

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